Virtua Prime is a hyper-realistic, immersive 3D world and the first planet in the Virtua Metaverse. Cardano Island was the first island launched on Virtua Prime.

There’s a whole planet waiting to be discovered.

Virtua Primeas a Destination

  • For Fans

    Connect with the brands you love in new, exciting ways. Each brand that partners with Virtua will have a different type of experience in the metaverse.

  • For Creators

    Give your fans new and immersive content experiences. Expand your brand by utilizing one of the many land plots on Virtua Prime.

  • For NFT Lovers

    Expand your NFT collection of NFTs by acquiring one of the many new NFTs that will arrive with Virtua Prime, and show off your NFT collections in your own customised Fancave.

  • For Social

    Keep up with friends, and meet like-minded people in one of the many experiences on Virtua Prime.

  • For Gamers

    Play some awesome web3 games that will include additional utility and benefits for owners.

  • For Landowners

    Cultivate your land plot...what will you create? Will you build a humble family villa or reach for the stars and construct a skyscraper that can be seen for miles around? Profit from your land by extracting resources from it using Land Bots, and have unique interactions with NPCs that others cannot by stationing them on your plot.